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Tschunk [tʃʊŋk]

Zwei Tschunk-Gläser mit Limettenscheiben verziehrt

While pariticipating at one of the c3 events, you might have heard about something called „Tschunk“. But what is it? It's a drink, basically made of Club Mate.

Aditionally you need some kind of rum (no matter which kind), cane sugar, crushed Ice and limes. (Don't care about any mixing proportions, it's about how you like it!)

rum (no matter which kind),
      cane sugar, crushed Ice and limes


Step 1: Cutting the limes

Cut them into little cubes, you can squash them easily then.

Step 2: Adding cane sugar

About one table spoon of sugar – if you like more, take it!

Step 3: Squashing

Ideal for squashing would be a professional „squasher“, don't care you're not having one, just take a spoon!

Step 4: Add crushed Ice

You don't know how to crush your ice? Take a hammer and try or just use the full ice cubes, doesn't matter.

Step 5: Add rum

Everybody's got his oder her own taste. Just take as much as you want, we think about 20% is a good dimension.

Step 6: Add Club Mate

Just add it! Be careful, sometimes it foams over while stirring!

You've made it, enjoy your drink!

Best wishes, msquare, mieke, mortzu and jplitza.


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